The personal touch is often the most effective, and that is what makes telemarketing such a popular campaign strategy even today. In a time when text messages, emails and social media are taking over, using the phone still has a number of key benefits especially from a marketing perspective.

There are some messages that get lost in translation; there are some campaigns that leave people asking questions before they commit to making a purchase or decision. By speaking on the phone these questions and concerns can be addressed there and then, helping you to get the information you need from the customer, along with the all-important transaction, and the customer is better off to as they have their product or investment.

Telemarketing may get a lot of bad press, but quite often that is because it’s done badly with poorly targeted campaigns reaching out to an irrelevant audience at the worst possible time. Here at Vibe Marketing in Bahrain we make sure that we do plenty of research before we launch any telemarketing campaign on behalf of our customers.

We can work with you and your budget to identify your new or existing audience, and the message you want to get across, to ensure that your customers are as happy with what you have to offer as you are with the way in which we deliver the campaign.

Each telemarketing campaign is tailored to the customer, the timeframe and the budget to ensure that you get what you want for a price that you can afford. We don’t copy and paste any strategies and we work with you from the initial consultation, providing updates along the way whenever you need them.

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